Seleniet v0.1.1 released

Added features The Composer got a brand new splashscreen and now supports to download, edit and upload attachments to test cases for zephyr system supports to load, edit and save text files from local file system got an improved Zephyr selector dialog, whoose  meta data is loaded in background to speed up startup time editor tabs have close Read more about Seleniet v0.1.1 released[…]

Getting Started

So YOU dare to try out Seleniet? Brave one you are… This post will show you a step by step guide on how to get Seleniet running without any external System at hand but just a PC with your file system. Installation / Setup Download the latest version of seleniet by navigating to: and Read more about Getting Started[…]

Seleniet v0.1.0 released

Added features Seleniet Editor got a major overhaul and many Bug fixes making it much more stable and ready for productive use. Besides the bug fixing the following new features are available: Upload/Download via Trac New dark default theme Search buildingblocks by key or by short title Load/save and run execution profiles new –profile cmd line Read more about Seleniet v0.1.0 released[…]

Shortcuts for Seleniet Composer

Sidepanel F12 to enable/disable the Panel Shift + F11 / F12 … cycle previous/next panel Editor Ctrl + -/+ … Zoom in / out Ctrl + Page Up / Page Down … switch to previous / next editor Ctrl + Shift + F … will shift focus to active sidepanel and allow key based search in Read more about Shortcuts for Seleniet Composer[…]

Seleniet v0.0.9 released

Added features First release of the Seleniet Editor. It allows to compose test cases within a simple text editor, that offers: Syntax highlighting Autocompletion on keywords, object locators and variables Listing of sub tests / building blocks Documentation for kewords and sub tests displayed in separate area / tooltip GUI Theme-support Retrieval from / upload to Read more about Seleniet v0.0.9 released[…]

Commandline parameters for Seleniet

When calling the test execution part of Seleniet one can choose from a plethora of options. Mandatory options or sections are marked with an asterik (*) Selecting the browser(*) –browser [firefox|chrome|ie] will start the browser via local Seleniumserver instance while — grid propertyfile will start the browser specified by the properties file via Selenium GRID Read more about Commandline parameters for Seleniet[…]

Merging object repositories with Seleniet

With the command objrep merge FILE1 FILE2 you can merge two object repositories. The merged repo file is called “MergedObjRepo.xls” and contains potentially 4 sections: Blue entries  are entries originating form the first file Green entries originate from the second file Orange entries are entries that have the same xpath expression in both files Read more about Merging object repositories with Seleniet[…]

How to develop your own Plugins for Seleniet

Java File Create a java file in the seleniet root folder, like e.g. this one: package et.seleniet.plugins.ext; import java.util.List; import org.openqa.selenium.Alert; import org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException; import org.openqa.selenium.WebElement; import et.seleniet.api.AbortException; import et.seleniet.api.ElementIndependentKeywordPlugin; import et.seleniet.api.Seleniet; import et.seleniet.api.Log; public class DummyExamplePlugin extends ElementIndependentKeywordPlugin { public void execute(Seleniet driver, WebElement elem, String page, List<String> lineArgs, List<String> tcParams) throws NoSuchElementException, AbortException { Read more about How to develop your own Plugins for Seleniet[…]