Commandline parameters for Seleniet

When calling the test execution part of Seleniet one can choose from a plethora of options. Mandatory options or sections are marked with an asterik (*)

Selecting the browser(*)

–browser [firefox|chrome|ie] will start the browser via local Seleniumserver instance


— grid propertyfile will start the browser specified by the properties file via Selenium GRID hub

For firefox we can specify additionally the profile either via its name or via the location of the profile file:

–ffprofile profname
–ffprofdir profilefoldername

Selecting the external test case mgt system(*)

–xls excelfile.xls … followed by the name of the excel file

–testlink tlexportfile … followed by the name of the testlink xml export file

–zephyr project cycle … followed by the name of the project and the test cycle

–trac catalogue testplan … followed by the name of the catalog and the test plan

–dev excelfile.xls [zephyr|trac] … followed by the name of the xls file and the name of the fallback external system (zephyr, trac) for retrieving sub tests

Specifying the Application under Test

–url starturl … followed by an URL that represents the location of the AUT (application under test)

Additional parameters

–startTC tcid … only execute the one test case with given ID

–xywh XxYxWxH … move and size the browser window. The four arguments x-positon, y-position, width and height are separated by an “x”. e.g. 100x200x300x400 will position the window at (100, 200) with size (300,400).

–testdir testfolder … where to store test step and objrepo screenshots and warnings. Defaults to “tests”.

–screenon … Enables the creation of automatic sreenshots. Default option.
–screenoff … Disables the creation of automatic sreenshots

–batch … don’t pause on startup or at the end but run tests immediately and shutdown automatically</li>

–update … update status of test execution to external system. Default is not to update test execution status

timeout tmsec … abort test run execution after given amount of seconds. Default is “-1” meaning no timeout.

–timeoutgui tmsec … timeout to wait for objects to appear (default is 20 seconds)

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