February 7, 2016

Seleniet Testautomation

logo-androidWhat is Seleniet

Seleniet is based on Selenium, the major web automation library and allows to automate browsers and more. It is intended to allow non developers to specify test cases that can be executed automatically.

These test cases can be maintained in local Excel sheets or external test management tools. Test results are updated to the external test management tool after each test execution, allowing you to keep the test data up to date.

Interested? If you would like to test Seleniet drop us an email and we will be glady helping you in getting the best for your automation project.

Core Features

  • Key word driven paradigm
  • Support for Data driven paradigm (Load*Properties plugins)
  • Remote control your browser (via Selenium Webdriver / Selenium Grid)
  • Query and Execute SQL statements
  • Execute local batch / shell scripts
  • Easily extendable via plugin architecture
  • UI object locators are centralized in an external object repository (Excel sheet, XPATH locators)
  • Integration with
    • JIRA / Zephyr
    • TRAC / TracTestMgr plugin
    • Local Excel sheets
    • Testlink (partly)
  • Testing cross plattform on Windows, Linux, MacOs, Android

System Requirements

  • Java 8
  • Browsers to be tested must be installed locally or available via Selenium Grid hub
  • lib and exe folders must be executable by the operating system.
  • On Windows taskkill.exe must be available and executable

What do I need to know to use it?

iStock_000004501935XSmallBesides test process know how and a commitment to excellence?

Well for writing the test cases you simply need to know the plugins (documentation here).

For locating UI objects on the webpages you will have to have a basic know how of XPATH (QRSelenietXPathLocators) and for more complex calculations Javascript might be handy.