Seleniet 0.2.1 released


Added features


  • Added current open files drop down list by right clicking on any tabbed pane label
  • Testreports are now a menu with all subfolders that contain a junit.html (updated by a lo prio thread checking every 3 seconds)
  • Upgrading to latest IE driver and moved to synchronized IE driver to have more stable results on IE runs, stability is now comparable to Chrome and Firefox
  • Click and Enter Plugins are now tested on Windows (IE, Chrome, FF) and Linux (FF, Chrome)

New Plugins

ADD Click plugin now supports “ctrl” flag to simulate ctrl + click

ADD matchvariable plugin to allow checking if a variable has a specific value

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: When saving non test case file locally: WARNUNG java.lang.NullPointerException

BUGFIX: when using local files and running executions, reload causes new windows for test cases that are already open to be created

BUGFIX: Log can not be extended over a size if editor has too many files shown in tabbed pane bar (probably minimum size of editor vetoes)

BUGFIX: Repositioning directly after reload of Tcs does not pause but starts execution

BUGFIX: when composer is disabled due to ongoing process menu and other elements seem to be not disabled (they are but are drawn as if they were enabled)

BUGFIX: Variables in comments must not be replaced while executing and especially no error message about unknown variable must be raised

BUGFIX: on windows reading from files with special characters fails in the CSVImportVar plugin

BUGFIX: when saving a test case as a new file the breakpoints dont get moved, so still pointing to the old testcase.

BUGFIX: loading from local file before running exec at least ones causes NPE on open of file

BUGFIX: test started with invalid objrepo url keeps composer disabled, in general aborting the progress dialog should reenable the composer

BUGFIX: dont trigger parallel exec warning on opening Run dialog but when Run is clicked therein

BUGFIX: progress dialog is not centered to Composer window

BUGFIX: save all does not work for zephyr or trac test cases

BUGFIX: save all triggers removal of zephyr steps

Known Issues

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

Auto downloading content for firefox is not supported on linux as of now

TABs are not supported / suggested for use in test case files

Encapsulating them with quotes won’t help as they will be removed when saving (are obsolete if no comma is inside the argument string)


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