Seleniet Shortcut Reference

Shortcut Reference (Seleniet v0.2) Ctrl + “+” / “-“, Ctrl + Mousewheel Zoom in/out editor text Ctrl+Alt “1” – “0” Changes the size of editor area from very small(“1”) to maximum(“0”). If no execution is active the direction is horizontally, adapting the side panel’s size. For executions the run panel’s height will be adapted Ctrl + Read more about Seleniet Shortcut Reference[…]

Seleniet v0.1.7 released

Added features New in the composer: support for providing name for the test case (file) by either adding a § SUB name… or § TEST name .-… on FIRST line of test case file or by naming it ID_NAME.seleniet (please notice the “_”) for folderConnector supporting ctrl+click on sub tests also for folderConnector added reload objrepo menu entry Read more about Seleniet v0.1.7 released[…]