Seleniet v0.1.7 released


Added features

New in the composer:

  • support for providing name for the test case (file) by either adding a § SUB name… or § TEST name .-… on FIRST line of test case file or by naming it ID_NAME.seleniet (please notice the “_”) for folderConnector
  • supporting ctrl+click on sub tests also for folderConnector
  • added reload objrepo menu entry to composer
  • refactored javadoc section and changed to split pane with scroll bars as HTML max-width is not obeyed completely by Javas HTML engine

New in the Executor:

  • added support for SELENIET_ENV_* env variables that can be used inside of selexprof files and will be added to variable stack to allow more dynamic customization (like switching servers)
  • allow to configure a plugin that gets called on any failure and that provides / collects add. info that then is added to the failure info message of the test report
  • For Zephyr: In case of failure the complete stacktrace is now uploaded as text file if the comment field is not large enough (max. 730 char)
  • Timestamps in logs are now again shown as time fo the day (and not duration since test run started)
  • reduced waiting time for screen shot to 10seconds and do not retry but abort if there is an exception while calling getscreenshot from selenium
  • Made logging sub system more configurable (via env vars SELENIET_LOG_RELTIME, SELENIET_LOG_SYSOUT, SELENIET_LOG_ANSI)
  • Each connector now uses a separate logger
  • support for browsing sub tests in folderconnection in all sub folder/tree of the parent folder
  • fixed circle of test result SVG in test report being cut at the 90° angles

New in the Object Repository:

  • support for variables in ObjRepo xpath expressions of locators. So from now on you could add VARIABLES (but not test case parameters or
    line arguments) as part of the xpath expression making looping through tables especially easy 😉

New Plugins

ADD IfElemAttrGoto new plugin to allow conditional jumps if an elem attr has a given value (can be used especially easy to check for checkboxes states)

ADD LoadVarFromFile allows to load a file into a variable

ADD PostVarRequest perform a HTTP post request with the post body taken from a variable

ADD Drag to allow simulating drag & drop in browsers

ADD IMAPConnect, IMAPCount, IMAPRead plugins to allow retrieving mails from imap servers

MOD Click plugin now also checks if element to be clicked is visible and if not displayed will wait for it to appear (helping a lot with ajax)

MOD Click plugin now supports besides the nowait flag also an invisible flag allowing to click on invisible elements and the right flag to simulate context mouse clicks. Format is to append any flag (or set of), comma separated after the page,object arguments

MOD IfNotFoundGoto plugin now supports a timeout as last argument

MOD Matchelemattr plugin added new type “contains” that checks if text contains given value

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: test cycles containing more then 20 test cases did not retrieve all test cases but only the first 20. Now allowing up to 300 test cases to be retrieved from a given cycle (default was 20 test cases even if maxRecord was 0)

BUGFIX: failurestack was not reset after first failure so always showed the first stack for all subsequent failures

BUGFIX: closing composer via window close icon does only hide the window but does NOT close the compser and any running executions

BUGFIX: when modifying the content the tabbed pane title not always shows the “*” to mark modified editors

BUGFIX: links to HTML source in the test report are not working (containing test folder twice in link url)

BUGFIX: refactored screenshot method to check first if an alert is shown if so do not perform screenie as Selenium would fail but still close the alert (dismissing it). Thus checkalert and acceptanyalert would not do their job accordingly

BUGFIX Nullpointer exception in console log if hovering over subtest in local file (folder connection)

BUGFIX breakpoints are triggered even if no exec gui is started (batch mode)

BUGFIX when reloading test cases the results are strange (test cases appear twice, once with correct result, once as not edxec, blocked,…)

BUGFIX default timeout is not applied to loading start url or in the openURL plugin

BUGFIX breakpoints set are sometimes ignored by the executor

Known Issues

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

Functionkeys do not work in Executor if test case or any of the other tables have focus

Do not start two executors in paralell there are major issues

Auto downloading content for firefox is not supported on linux as of now

When failure happens, you will be asked for each level of the test stack whether you want to reposition or not (if you click no). Still to be decided if it is a feature or a bug. Feedback from users welcome.

Attachment modifications are not highlighted with a “*” in the tab title of the composer (resolved?)

TABs are not supported / suggested for use in test case files

Specifying two variables inside one argument of the arg list of a command WITHOUT a “,” will highlight the line as error, but saving and executing it will work without any problem.
Encapsulating them with quotes won’t help as they will be removed when saving (are obsolete if no comma is inside the argument string)

When reloading the Object repository, the auto completion is not updated in the composer (to make the new locators available, restart composer)

When saving test case as new name, the tcid seems to be not updated, so any breakpoints set or unset are still being applied to the old test case id (to clean this up, close the window and open the test case again)


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