December 6, 2016

JiTest Testmanagement

What is JiTest

JiTest Testmanagement is a plugin for JIRA that provides support for specifying test cases and assigning them to suites and test plans.

It also supports manual test execution inside JIRA and automated tests runs via REST API.

Test reports can be exported to Excel, CSV and XML formats as well as one page HTML document perfect for sending results via email.

Integration with Seleniet is in the Queue and a first feature allowing to copy test cases from seleniet directly into JiTest will be released with Foox (v1.6)

Interested? If you would like to test JiTest drop us an email and we will be gladly helping you in getting the best for your QA team.

Core Features

  • All fields and issue data accessible directly via JIRA search (due to tight integration with JIRA)
    • Support for filtering execution states or execution parents (like all executions belonging to a specific report)
    • Searching for all test cases belonging to a specific test suite (no recursive search though)
    • Combining them in the normal jira search panel, no need to use a separate search page, like other tools
  • Information is shown right at your finger tip exactly where you need it!
    • Report issues show and overview and detailed info about the execution tickets’ states
    • Test plan issues show all their execution reports states
    • Test cases show their last execution states for each plan
  • Deluxe edge of the art GUI for defining test plans (Tree View, Drag’n Drop of test cases and suites)
  • Deluxe edge of the art GUI for defining test steps (Drag’n Drop, Copy/Paste of steps)
  • Excelent dashboard widgets with Excel export support (Stacked bar, normal bar, piechart, table export)
  • Detailed test execution reports available in HTML, Excel and XML

System Requirements

  • JIRA 6.3.x, 6.4.x, 7.0.x, 7.1.x, 7.2.x
  • Supported browsers
    • Firefox (latest)
    • Chrome (latest)
    • Internet Explorer (10,11)
    • Safari (experimental, not officially supported as of now)

What do I need to know to use it?

iStock_000004501935XSmallBesides test process know how and a commitment to excellence?

Well for writing the test cases you simply need to start your browser and create your first project.

The User Manual is also available on this site. Be sure to consult this first if you have any questions.

For Administrators we do have a first draft Administration manual online

We also have a video intro available:


Demo Environment

The current version is available in a demonstration environment at:

User: demo
Password: demo