Seleniet 0.2.2 released


Added features


  • Adding app notifications to actions in composer (where appropriate)
  • Drag plugin is now supported in Chrome
  • Execution Configurator got a use current button to allow easy configuration of test runs of only the current test case

New Plugins

ADD For/EndFor plugins to allow simple loops to be written more easily

MOD BrowserWindowResize plugin, now also allows to set top position of window if four arguments are supplied

MOD StoreElemAttr, MatchElemAttr support new types “width” and “height”

MOD RestartBrowser plugin now gracefully accepts an already died browser instance

ADD Clipboard plugin, to allow interaction with operating systems clipboard

MOD CheckAlert plugin now supports a flag to allow to check the text for “contains” too


Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: Dealing with page cache exceptions in click and enter commands gracefully (relooking up the element and repeating the click/drag/enter)

BUGFIX: Strg-Click does not work on newly created files (even if saved)

BUGFIX: Reloading test cases while executing a run will change selected editor to be the last one in the list of open ones

BUGFIX: When starting execution with unsaved modifications clicking on save will not update the test case in the external system but will dump it without extension in root folder

BUGFIX: if editor of any not currently executed test case is in focus and next step is executed that takes longer (iffoundgoto with not existing element) editor with current test case is not shown (only after the step has been executed)

BUGFIX: Breakpoints are not highlighted in newly created editors even if saved as local test case

BUGFIX: for issues with folders containing SPACES in the plugin manager

BUGFIX: check labels reported wrong unused defs

BUGFIX: no error is reported if access to JIRA/Zephyr fails on start up

BUGFIX: on Linux the file dialogues are shown behind the main editor window

BUGFIX: when using openurl with a starting slash and a start url with an ending slash there will be two slashes in the final request

BUGFIX: when specifying an invalid or not writable test folder the test run  will be performed and at the end it will fail not being able to save the results, better to check before the startup

BUGFIX: Logging messages sometimes caused a NPE (worst scenario could be abortion of test run)

BUGFIX: improved stability and validity of breakpoints when reloading / closing / reopening test cases

Known Issues

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

Auto downloading content for firefox is not supported on linux as of now

TABs are not supported / suggested for use in test case files

Encapsulating them with quotes won’t help as they will be removed when saving (are obsolete if no comma is inside the argument string)


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