Seleniet 0.2.2 released

Added features Adding app notifications to actions in composer (where appropriate) Drag plugin is now supported in Chrome Execution Configurator got a use current button to allow easy configuration of test runs of only the current test case New Plugins ADD For/EndFor plugins to allow simple loops to be written more easily MOD BrowserWindowResize plugin, Read more about Seleniet 0.2.2 released[…]

Seleniet 0.2.1 released

Added features Added current open files drop down list by right clicking on any tabbed pane label Testreports are now a menu with all subfolders that contain a junit.html (updated by a lo prio thread checking every 3 seconds) Upgrading to latest IE driver and moved to synchronized IE driver to have more stable results on IE Read more about Seleniet 0.2.1 released[…]

Seleniet 0.2.0 released

Added features The Executor dialog has been embedded into the Composer window! This makes execution much easier as you now have not any more two windows with source code floating around. When starting an execution the log window and info panel from the executor dialog will be shown inside the composer, where as the currently Read more about Seleniet 0.2.0 released[…]

Seleniet Shortcut Reference

Shortcut Reference (Seleniet v0.2) Ctrl + “+” / “-“, Ctrl + Mousewheel Zoom in/out editor text Ctrl+Alt “1” – “0” Changes the size of editor area from very small(“1”) to maximum(“0”). If no execution is active the direction is horizontally, adapting the side panel’s size. For executions the run panel’s height will be adapted Ctrl + Read more about Seleniet Shortcut Reference[…]

Seleniet v0.1.7 released

Added features New in the composer: support for providing name for the test case (file) by either adding a § SUB name… or § TEST name .-… on FIRST line of test case file or by naming it ID_NAME.seleniet (please notice the “_”) for folderConnector supporting ctrl+click on sub tests also for folderConnector added reload objrepo menu entry Read more about Seleniet v0.1.7 released[…]

Seleniet v0.1.6 released

Added features New in the composer: maximize window on startup dependency Map feature to show dependency of test case or test cycle with all referred sub tests support for storing test step data in local Subversion (actually a file system folder) In the Start Executor dialog: added shortcut key listeners to all elements to allow ctrl+L/S/ENTER Read more about Seleniet v0.1.6 released[…]

Seleniet command line parameters explained

Seleniet has grown from a small command line utility for local selenium based testing into a full blown web and shell test automation tool with integration to external test case management tools and detailed test result reporting. With this extension comes a plethora of command lin eswitches that can be used to tailor the execution. Read more about Seleniet command line parameters explained[…]

Seleniet v0.1.4 released

Added features New in the composer: dbl clicking variables in sidepanel now adds them as “#[var]” into seleniet test case files but only as “var” into property files ctrl + dbl click in sidepanel of locators will insert property var name associated withthe displayed locator (see Object Repository below) Location of composer.ini file has been moved to cfg. Read more about Seleniet v0.1.4 released[…]

Gridifying Seleniet

Download all files needed selenium-server-standalone-2.52.0.jar and if you want to run android tests too: selendroid-grid-plugin-0.17.0.jar selendroid-standalone-0.17.0-with-dependencies.jar selendroid-test-app-0.17.0.apk Start grid hub java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -cp “selendroid-grid-plugin-0.17.0.jar:selenium-server-standalone- 2.52.0.jar” org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher -capabilityMatcher io.selendroid.grid.Selen droidCapabilityMatcher -role hub -host -port 4444 Start nodes create a script with the following content: #!/bin/bash PORT=$1 java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.52.0.jar -role node -hub -port Read more about Gridifying Seleniet[…]

Seleniet v0.1.3 released

Added features New in the composer: an update checker thread on startup looking for new versions of Seleniet being available on server. Automatically downloading it to current folder. autocompletion on Labels (LBL_*) now adds the new entered labels into the list to be available for future completions local files are now checked for property files syntax and Read more about Seleniet v0.1.3 released[…]