Seleniet 0.2.0 released


Added features

The Executor dialog has been embedded into the Composer window! This makes execution much easier as you now have not any more two windows with source code floating around. When starting an execution the log window and info panel from the executor dialog will be shown inside the composer, where as the currently executed line is shown as orange bar in the editor window of the currently executed test case. All features of the executor window have been migrated to the composer (and more ūüėČ )

  • added help menu section with references to documentation being available on the internet
  • mouse wheel zoom (Ctrl + mouse wheel) is supported in editor window
  • test report can be viewed via new menu entry in “View” top menu
  • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + L checks whether all referenced labels of a test case are defined too (output is shown in the log window)
  • Save All allows to save all currently opened modified files
  • Preparations are done for support of Selenium 3 (which is still too experimental for productive use as of now)
  • Seleniet will also work (with a few GUI glitches) on Mac OS Sierra in one of the next releases (pending on the stability / quality of the selenium 3 plugin on Safari 10 / MacOs Sierra)

New Plugins

ADD Hover  plugin to allow to position mouse anywhere on screen (tested on firefox only)

ADD Drag plugin to allow dragging of elements onto other elements

ADD IfNotVisibleGoto plugin to allow checking whether an element is visible in the browser or not

MOD DBStoreVal plugin support for gzipped BLOB results

MOD SetVariable plugin added support for list based variable value assignment

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX:  only one execution instance is allowed at a time

BUGFIX: execution control buttons (Pause, Next, Continue) are enabled too early when starting the execution

BUGFIX: On windows the buttons are not drwan with filled background (only the border is colored)

BUGFIX: autocompletion popup shows old selection after first time

BUGFIX: auto completers are not updated on obj repo reload

BUGFIX: If save fails its still marked as saved ( is not checked for false!)

BUGFIX: Ctrl + click does not work on local test cases (“file” type)

BUGFIX: when loading a file in an already exisiting window (ONLY the empty window on startup), reset undo

BUGFIX: if execution is active on Quit ask whether to really abort

BUGFIX: editor is not disabled on triggering some tasks (run, reload, …)

BUGFIX: sometimes the to be clicked element is only partly visible and the subsequent click is ignored by selenium

BUGFIX: clearAll Breakpoints does not clear in all but only in the current editor

BUGFIX: when trying to retrieve a non existing test case from Zephyr it shows an error about non unique test case ID

BUGFIX: show progress bar for tearing down on quit only if there are exec envs

Known Issues

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

Auto downloading content for firefox is not supported on linux as of now

Attachment modifications are not highlighted with a “*” in the tab title of the composer (resolved?)

TABs are not supported / suggested for use in test case files

Specifying two variables inside one argument of¬†the arg list of a command WITHOUT a “,” will highlight the line as error, but saving and executing it will work without any problem.
Encapsulating them with quotes won’t help as they will be removed when saving (are obsolete if no comma is inside the argument string)

Repositioning execution cursor directly after reload of test cases does not pause but starts execution immediately


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