Seleniet v0.1.3 released


Added features

New in the composer:

  • an update checker thread on startup looking for new versions of Seleniet being available on server. Automatically downloading it to current folder.
  • autocompletion on Labels (LBL_*) now adds the new entered labels into the list to be available for future completions
  • local files are now checked for property files syntax and will activate prop file syntaxparser if content is properties format

New in the Executor:

  • support for toggling breakpoints in the executor test case table
  • added  popup menu to test case table to allow accessing all menu and click actions there too via right mouse button
  •  added a filter field for Variables table

New Plugins

IfUnknownVarGoto .. allows to check for non existing variables and conditional jumps

Modified Wait and MSWait plugins to check for quit buttons pressed to allow faster shutdown of application

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: on quit the composer sometimes is closed (gui wise) but the process is hanging (need to be killed by taskmgr)

BUGFIX: editor window does not regain focus after save or open dialogs

BUGFIX: free resources of file open/save dialogs

BUGFIX: reload testcases does not reload current test case displayed in the executor

BUGFIX: when reloading test cases the current teststep is not updated

BUGFIX: when running local files as test cases setting breakpoints causes a nullpointer exception

BUGFIX loading local files causes Nullpointer exception

BUGFIX: attachment selector auto selects first entry and loads it without any way of interfering

BUGFIX: under rare situations the composer gets locked and throws exceptions in console (about array out of bounds)

BUGFIX: starting executor with errorneous objrep file silently throws an exception but no GUI warning popup

BUGFIX reloading test cases in executor fails with Nullpointer exception shown in console

Known Issues

FIXED: When reloading test cases in Executor, the active testcase is NOT reloaded

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

Functionkeys do not work in Executor if test case or any of the other tables have focus

FIXED While Saving to Zephyr switching the editor window will trick the modification detection and will not show the original Editor window as being saved (no “*” anymore). Workaround is to NOT leave the Editor that is saving until the popup confirms it has been saved.

Do not start two executors in paralell there are major issues



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