Seleniet v0.1.2 released


Added features

The Composer got some shiny improvements

  • Variables entered are added to the auto completion and the variables sidepanel
  • Support for popup menu on all textfields
  • Support for encrypted properties in var.prop
  • Dbl click and Enter key allows to quick open attachments from the Attachment selector
  • Tooltip for subtests (zephyr only) are shown
  • Ctrl + Click on subtest opens the subtest in new window (zephyr
  • In case of upload failure now showing the json body for test steps put and post methods to allow fixing the error in the editor line easier
  • Test logs and  results are now stored into the test folder to allow concurrent runs on bamboo server

The Executor got minor changes:

  • Removed obsolete javadoc panel from test case table (it was hidden few releases already)

New Plugins

IfVarMatch … to allow checking of variable values without JS (needed for 2414 in case when window 1 is already closed again)

IncrementVariable … to allow easier run of loops

DBConnect … has got support for multiple connections

LogOnOff … allows to enable/disable logging temporarily for
confidential data usage (like passwords)

Added experimental support for imap checks

SwitchWindow … added a nofail flag to gracefully fall back to current window if window switch fails

Wait and mswait … now wait with different sleep times (ms will do it
in 20ms cycles, wait in 200ms cycles)

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: –profile now also accepts the filename WITH .selexprof

BUGFIX:  Zephyr selector OK button is not disabled but when user clicks
on OK with empty test case id field a popup informs him

BUGFIX: reworked null logging as subtest calls caused crashes

BUGFIX: single commands without trailing space are not check for existing

BUGFIX: when reloading obj repo in executor entries got multiplied

BUGFIX: add plugins to teardown list only ONCE

BUGFIX: when page load hangs, click plugin does not respect timeout but
waits till page has finished loading, which in some weird scenarios
doesnt happen at all

BUGFIX: if no zephyr.prop is found and no localhost default install of
Zephyr is found, dont poup a warning message but silently DO NOT preload
projects and cycles

BUGFIX: cleaning GUI resources on shutdown

BUGFIX: Editor windows are not selectable by clicking on the tab label

Known Issues

When reloading test cases in Executor, the active testcase is NOT reloaded

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

Functionkeys do not work in Executor if test case or any of the other tables have focus

While Saving to Zephyr switching the editor window will trick the modification detection and will not show the original Editor window as being saved (no “*” anymore). Workaround is to NOT leave the Editor that is saving until the popup confirms it has been saved.

Do not start two executors in paralell there are major issues



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