Seleniet v0.1.1 released


Added features

The Composer got a brand new splashscreen and nowsnapshot10

  • supports to download, edit and upload attachments to test cases for zephyr system
  • supports to load, edit and save text files from local file system
  • got an improved Zephyr selector dialog, whoose  meta data is loaded in background to speed up startup time
  • editor tabs have close icon
  • saving on Zephyr now shows a success dialog at the end of the upload
  • text fields in the exec configuration dialog now have a popup menu to allow copy & paste via mouse easily too
  • removed / deprecated –pauseonerror as we eithr use –gui where this is defautl or –batch which overrules and will accept any failures and keep on running
  • introducing a slightly modified light seleniet theme

The Executor got support for breakpoints which can be set by double clicking on the left border, where the line numbers are displayed.snapshot11

Further improvements are:

  • theme support, adapting to current composer theme
  • variable table can now be sorted like objrepo table
  • we do not any more gray out the log window if step is processed as we have now nicely faded buttons
  • testcase table in executor has reduced minimum size for smaller displays

In the Backend we upgraded library to selenium 2.52.0 and drivers to version 2.52.0 for selenium drivers and 2.21 for chrome


New Plugins

ZephyrLoadProperties … loads properties from a named attachment from current test case


Bug Fixes

snapshot12BUGFIX: when refusing to close modified editor on quit composer is disabled

BUGFIX: when quiting composer with open executors, their GUI and the webdrivers browsers are not shutdown

BUGFIX: when shutting down the executors gui is first disposed making the user believe it is already shutdown

BUGFIX: when shutting down it sometimes hang

BUGFIX: Executor: varnames are being cut off on the left side partly in the variable table

BUGFIX: Autocompletion had $$[Key where it should be $$[Keys

BUGFIX: special characters like umlauts and others caused failure on upload to zephyr

BUGFIX: building blocks can not be looked up with QUA- starting (the dash sign was added to allowed characters)

BUGFIX: after a variable which followed directly after a comma, the remaining line was detected wrongly as separator / multiline comment

BUGFIX: if in batch mode do NOT popup option dialog in case of exception but throw it and go on with test execution

BUGFIX: single or dbl clicking in testcase table  scrolls horizontally if non first column is clicked at, scrolling the first column out of sight.

BUGFIX: multiple enter keys on tc id field trigger multiple downloads

BUGFIX: Themes menu sometimes does not show correctly currently selected theme and also is not initiated on startup correctly

BUGFIX: On Opening a test case from external systems the empty first editor is not replaced by that but stays

BUGFIX #235: autocompletion für buildingblocks is not user friendly#

BUGFIX #234: building blocks are inserted without arg list from sidepanel

Known Issues

When reloading test cases in Executor, the active testcase is NOT reloaded

When opening find / replace toolbar the first time the input field does not get focus (just close and reopen with ESC + Ctrl+F)

If you enter only the command in a line there is no syntaxcheck (you need to press space to trigger that)

Functionkeys do not work in Executor if test case or any of the other tables have focus


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