Seleniet v0.1.0 released


Added features

snapshot6Seleniet Editor got a major overhaul and many Bug fixes making it much more stable and ready for productive use. Besides the bug fixing the following new features are available:

  • Upload/Download via Trac
  • New dark default theme
  • Search buildingblocks by key or by short title
  • Load/save and run execution profiles
  • new –profile cmd line param to allow starting execution based on saved profile files (directly from console or from composer Ctrl + Shift + X)
  • Support for quoted special characters like \”, \n, \t, \\
  • seleniet can now be called without an argument defaulting to editor mode
  • Highlighting references to subtestcases (tcid:tcshortname) based on startswith token in composer.ini

snapshot5Seleniet Executor also got lots of new features such as:

  • Reposition test cursor in test case by dbl clicking the step
  • Catch Errors and ask whether to retry or escalate the error
  • Test case table now only shows three columns instead of 15, making it better readable
  • support for grid hub via cmd line
  • Folderconnector is activated, allowing to run tests from test case files stored ina folder. Files that start with “§ SUB” will be treated as subtests, TestcaseOrder.txt applies
  • checking for duplicate keywords on startup
  • filtering in objrepo panel now hides non matching rows
  • added an option to reload object repo in test executor

New Plugins

Filecopyplugin … copies a file to a new location

StorenumberofElems .. returns the number of Web elements matchign the given Locator

Added a method to retrieve xpath for given locator object in Seleniet interface


Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: When starting editor with active Sidepanel, NPE happens

BUGFIX: One test case could be open in more than one file at the same time

BUGFIX: when starting Seleniet it doesnt find any plugins as the plugins javadoc jar is found before the plugins bin jar when looking up plugins

BUGFIX: Reload menu entry is now enabled/disabled correctly in Executor

BUGFIX: On upload to zephyr: arguments already quoted but containing a comma were not treated correctly on download by encapsulating them AGAIN -> “”//img[…]””

BUGFIX: support for IE and chrome wasnt working on windows due to path issues

BUGFIX: IE wasnt starting on win32 due to default win64 driver start

BUGFIX: xls and ffprofile args werent saved correctly, causing test runs to fail at the command line parsing (unknown argument detected)

BUGFIX: if testcase is loaded via startTC but doesnt belong to cycle executor crashed with JSONException. Now it logs a severe error but keeps running the test

BUGFIX: hidden sidepanel should not open when resizing the window

BUGFIX: made all file reading/writing UTF-8 compliant

BUGFIX documentation must not go out of bounds in docu panel (after some tedious research there is no hint how to solve it but to use only 80% of the width for the HTML JLabel)

Known Issues

When reloading test cases in Executor, the active testcase is NOT reloaded


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