Shortcuts for Seleniet Composer


F12 to enable/disable the Panel

Shift + F11 / F12 … cycle previous/next panel


Ctrl + -/+ … Zoom in / out

Ctrl + Page Up / Page Down … switch to previous / next editor

Ctrl + Shift + F … will shift focus to active sidepanel and allow key based search in the list. Pressing Return will copy the selected entry and return focus to the editor window. Search is performed from current location on. Use Pos1 Key to change location to first entry.

Zephyr Dialog

Ctrl + Z … opens Zepyhr download dialog

Ctrl + S … uploads the modified test case

Ctrl + Shift + S … saves the test case on local drive

Pressing Shift + Return will look up test cases for given project and cycle

Test Execution

Ctrl + Shift + R … opens the Execution configuration dialog

Ctrl + Shift + {X} … starts the test run based on the profile file (where {X} stands for any digit from 1 to 9) found in the current working directory

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