Seleniet v0.0.7 released


Added features

Shell script drivers for Linux and Windows are now available (, seleniet.bat)

XPATH expressions of Object repositories can now be checked via seleniet.bat|sh
Object repositories can now be compared / merged via seleniet.bat|sh

Installation can now easily be updated by downloading the bin zip archive and calling seleniet.bat|sh update PATHTObinzipArchive

Reduced log output and spacing so that it is easier to see what’s ongoing in the console.

If started with single test case param –startTC skip loading all other test cases to speed up execution

Modified Plugins

DeleteCookie is now providing more info about which cookies are seen by Seleniet and got support for optional path argument

New Plugins

RestartBrowser, IfFalseGoto

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: openURL to respect relative and absolute links related to either
the current Path (without query part) or in case of absolute url the
current protocol, host and port

BUGFIX: reintroduced showing the test case id in the log line in top section of GUI


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