Seleniet v0.0.8 released


Added features

Keywords of loaded test cases are immediately checked on Seleniet start up already

When waiting for webelements we now see a progress statement in the log

Warning list is a new part of the test result report where the warning message and links to screenshots and HTML src files are shown. See WarnIf / WarnIfNot plugins.

Tutorial about how to use QRSelenietXPathLocators.

Modified Plugins

Click Plugin now waits for current page to be unloaded and new page loaded (unless nowait is specified as third argument)

Click Plugin expects element to be enabled else will throw an AbortException

Switchwindow Plugin now waits for the window to appear if it is not there when called.

New Plugins

WarnIf / WarnIfNot allow to collect warnings in a list that get added to the test result report without aborting the executed test case

IfDisabledGoto checks whether an element is disabedl and if so jumps to the specified label

SubstringVarValue allows extraction of sub strings from content of given variable

Bug Fixes

BUGFIX: Excel connector failed when using –startTC

BUGFIX: Tearing down seleniet even if it failed starting before the log instance could have been created

REGRESSION: Enter Plugin: Due to switching to $$[…] pattern the Key codes didnt work at all.

BUGFIX: Using SwitchWindow plugin to switch back to main window AFTER restarting the browser failed

BUGFIX: DBQuery didnt accept supplying parameters in new format without leading “any”

BUGFIX: StoreJSExec didnt accept supplying parameters in new format without leading “any”

BUGFIX: Objrepo merge didnt work as expected and was quite unstable (failign on empty cells in any sheet)


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