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How does this work?

This site uses a JS LOIC script to locally run Denial of Service attacks to a list of targets ( as of now) from your own hardware. For each cannon a target is chosen (and automatically switched every minute) to reduce the load on your hardware, and to ensure targets are "evenly" distributed. This has the potential to be a much more decentralized attack than a traditional DoS attack would be, each user is a new host on the internet to attack the sites. This makes it almost impossible to blacklist IPs to stop the attacks, as there are as many unique IPs (your own machine) as there are users on the site.

Is it working?

See for yourself ;) Here is our monitoring site.

In the last hour we had ion cannons active!

My machine is to weak / strong for this script?

Who is participating?

While we can't know for sure we provide a daily map of downloads that reached our server. You can take a look at the world map here.

Yellow circles group green circles, green circles group multiple country download numbers, orange circle tell downloads per country

Important Notices:

If the target server is down, the success counter may display 0. This is completely normal, due to the server not being able to respond to your request.

For the same reason, the failed counter may also lag behind, due to unresponsive servers THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!.

The LOIC script is currently preset to 5 R/S per block to accommodate users with lower-end hardware. In order to contribute more power, you may open up more tabs, or select a different hardware in the selection box above to increase your fire rate ;)


v1.8 update monitor url

see Our github repo

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